Nabillera cannot exist without your donation!

Nabillera is one of the few literary journals that introduce contemporary Korean literature in English. Our hope is to provide a bigger and fuller picture of Korean literature by including poems, stories, and critics written by young and emerging writers. In addition, we are planning to include a section where subscribers may share their perspectives, ranging from a letter to a writer to opinions related to contemporary Korean literature.

While Nabillera is a web-based magazine, maintaining a literary journal costs a considerable amount of money. To keep the magazine free while compensating the writers, we need your help. The following is the breakdown of the budget per issue:

10 poems (5 per poet)*
2 short stories (1 per novelist)*
4 written interviews with writers (1 per writer)
Website hosting fee (once per year)

100,000 KRW per writer x 4 = 400,000 KRW

20,000 KRW per writer x 4 = 80,000 KRW

48 USD

Website hosting fee
96 USD per year / 4 = 24 USD


In other words, Nabillera can publish
two issues (i.e., one year) only with 1,040 USD!

On top of that, we need a fund to print our magazines to say thank you to our donators, volunteers, writers, and publishers who made Nabillera possible. Therefore, we are raising 1,300 USD for the Fall 2018 and Spring 2019 issues.***

That being said, we are going to print the Fall 2017 and Spring 2018 issues and send them to people who donate more than $20. So please help Nabilleracontinue publishing pioneering Korean literary works and receive the printed version of Nabillera! After the fundraising is over, these issues will not be printed again in the near future.

*Nabillera publishes novels and poems that have been already published in Korean, so the rate for manuscripts is set lower than the usual compensation for newly published manuscripts.

**includes tax, shifting exchange rate, wire transfer fee, and fee collected by the fundraising website. Any leftover amount will roll over into the following issue.

Any amount of money—as little as $5 or $10 dollars—will help contemporary Korean literature become more visible in the English and global literary market.