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[I’m Deaf] Music 4 – Lyla

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I’m Deaf

By Lyla

Translated by Seth Warnick

I didn’t understand what music was until Freddie Mercury showed me. Growing up, I saw how others interacted with it, but once I watched a video of Freddie Mercury performing “Bohemian Rhapsody” on stage when I was in college, I was hooked. I would watch that video all day everyday. I soon fell in love with Queen’s other songs and began to learn about different aspects of music. I understood that a song was something you could always have with you, something beautiful you could draw on when you’re down. Freddie Mercury broadened my horizons.

Episode 151 – Music 4

Lyla is a deaf Webtoon artist. She studied oriental painting at Seoul National University. Her webtoon I’m Deaf was serialised in Naver in 2015-2017. Her personal narrative, well embedded with thoughts about a disability, was appreciated by the public. She won the Seoul Welfare Award Grand Prize in 2020.

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