Call for Contributors

Nabillera is looking for volunteer translators and editors!

Volunteer Timeline:

  1. The Editor-in-Chief receives stories and poems from writers and conducts interviews with writers.
  2. The Editor-in-Cheif sends out an email to translators and checks who wants to translate poems, stories, or interviews for the following issue.
  3. The Translators get six weeks to translate one short story or five poems. For the time being, reviewers and copyeditors are contacted for availability.
  4. For three weeks, the Editor-in-Chief and/or reviewers go through the drafts and discuss and revise the translations with the translators.
  5. The finalized drafts are sent to copyeditors. One copyeditor goes through one story, ten poems, or four interviews (subject to change). They are given four weeks.


Please check the description below and send an email to if you are interested. It is never too late to send an inquiry. Because every translator, editor, and other contributor has a different schedule, every position is based on a volunteer’s availability:

  • Co-Editor-in-Chief
    • MUST have thorough knowledge in the contemporary Korean literary scene
    • MUST have experience translating (KOR-ENG) and editing literary works in English
    • MUST commit to the next four to five issues
    • MUST be native in Korean and near-native in English (i.e., resided in an English-speaking country for an extended length of time) or vice versa
    • Literature major or creative writer strongly preferred
    • Proficiency in WordPress preferred but not required
  • Literary translator
    • Humanities major preferred (especially English and/or Korean literature) but not required
    • Have a great command of English grammar and style. Note that this means much more than having native proficiency. You MUST be familiar with respectable literary works and know how to construct a sentence and a paragraph in a proper style.
    • Have experience translating Korean literature into English (or be able to show your ability to do so)
    • A native English speaker with advanced Korean proficiency (able to read modern Korean novels and poems in Korean and comprehend them fully)
    • OR a native Korean speaker with bilingual English proficiency (i.e., have lived in English-speaking countries for a considerable period or have equivalent proficiency)
  • Reviewers
    • MUST have advanced reading proficiency in both Korean and English (able to read literary works in both languages) but writing proficiency in both languages is not necessary.
    • MUST advanced writing proficiency in either Korean or English. (Reviewers who are native English speakers will be paired with translators who are native Korean speakers and vice versa).
    • Translators may serve as reviewers if they may. Anyone who wants to apply for both positions may apply to be a translator and indicate their interest in the reviewing position.
  • Editor
    • Native English speaker only. Korean proficiency not required but MUST understand Korean culture to a certain extent.
    • MUST be an English literature, creative writing, or other humanities major
    • MUST have a formal experience of editing. An extensive editing experience for undergraduate magazines and newspapers are acceptable.
    • Have an exquisite command of grammar and formatting

If you’re interested in becoming a translator, please send us two translation samples. At least two of them must be poetry, and each piece must be written by different writers. If you’re interested in becoming an editor, please include the names of magazines or publications you have edited. In addition, whether you want to translate or edit, please explain why you’re interested in Nabillera, and how long you can contribute. We’re looking for someone who will be involved long-term although we may consider other possibilities. Again, this is an unpaid position. Every single one of us, including the editor-in-chief, is volunteering for this project. We hope to hear from other Korean literature enthusiasts! Thank you.


Team Nabillera



Introducing some of our current contributors…

Jae Hyung Woo (translator) currently lives in Baltimore and studies mathematics as an undergraduate student. Through this translation project, he wants to experience the writers’ words as his and connect the readers to the most sensitive works of our time.

Janine Kruger (translator) is a practicing ob/gyn physician in the United States. An avid student of Korean language and culture for many years, her favorite pastime is translating Korean literature into English.

Dahyun Kim (translator) is an English literature student who is invested in too many random things, especially K-Pop. She enjoys being able to experience the beauty of words in two different languages and wants to try to convey that experience and that beauty to many people.



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