Editor's Notes Issue 4

Editor’s Note: Analrealism vol. 1 [Pt. I]

What is “analrealism?”

What does it mean for an anus, a deep, invisible void, to be real?

Readers may ask these questions when they pull up the front page of this and the following issues. Nonetheless, these questions are pointless because analrealism is a simple parody of Roberto Bolaño’s visceralrealism, which, in turn, was a fictional twist of infrarealism. As you will see, Analrealism vol. 1 is the embodiment of effortless parodies that defy the conventional definition of literary genres and appropriate styles.

That said, this issue inherently faces several challenges. For example, the scenarios star real Korean writers, and their ludicrous and entertaining imageries work best with the readers who are familiar with them. Likewise, to fully comprehend sarcasm beneath the interview with Baek Minseok, one needs to have a deeper understanding of the Korean literary world. Lastly, a short story “I Already Know the Answer, But” is supposed to confuse readers with lots of run-on sentences. Nonetheless, I thought Analrealism would be the perfect choice because it unfurls one of the hottest attempts in the Korean literary scene that is typically closed to readers who are not proficient in Korean—and most importantly, it is fun to read.

Because Analrealism has a significantly larger volume than what we have published in each issue, we will introduce the magazine in the fourth and fifth issues. In this particular issue, we will share a short story “I Already Know the Answer, But,” by Bak Solmay and Yi SangWoo, three scenarios “Shin Hyoung-cheol’s ‘Let Us Praise,’” “Paik Gahuim at the Beach,” and “Back-Alley Bully Yi Jun-gyu” by Oh Han Ki, Jeong Jidon, and Yi SangWoo, and an interview “Baek Minseok, You Are Right Now and You Were Wrong Then.” As for the main points to consider as you read, I dare say there is none. Please dive into these works as you may.

Before I end, I want to thank our translators, reviewers, and copyeditors, who made their best effort—and successfully so—to capture the playful spirit embedded in the magazine. And last but not least, I want to thank analrealists, who gladly shared their marvelous works with us. It has been my dream to introduce these works since I started to publish Nabillera. Now, enjoy!

Many thanks,
Suhyun Jeong Ahn



Bak Solmay, Hong Sanghee, Hwang Yein, Kang Dongho,
Keum Jungyun, Jeong Jidon, Oh Han Ki, Yi SangWoo

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