Interviews Issue 1

Fall 2017: Interviews with the Writers

For “1988 Then, 30 Now” (Fall 2017), Nabillera collected questions from people who are interested in Korean literature. As someone born in 1988 and lived as “gukchoding,”* how do our writers perceive the lives of young people and the current times in which we live? Also, how are these phases of the times reflected in their works? Do they ever feel different from their friends who do not write literature? What are their next plans as poets and novelists? Furthermore, we came up with specific questions about the writings they shared.

If you’re curious, check their answers in the link below!

An Interview with Kim Um Ji

An Interview with Lee Jong San

An Interview with Lee Hye-mi

An Interview with Hwang Inchan


“Gukchoding” is a slang that refers to someone who attended an elementary school when it was called “Gukmin Hakgyo” and “Chodeung Hakgyo.” The Korean government changed the name of elementary schools from the former to the latter in 1996 because “Gukmin Hakgyo” was the name given by Imperial Japan. In consequence, children who were born from March 1988 to February 1989 were the last generation to enter “Gukmin Hakgyo.”

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